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Laws calm legal forms guide the form 1096 is a united states internal revenue service tax form used by a corporation who is filing paper forms instead of electronically filing the 10 96 serves as a summary of informational returns that have been sent to the IRS a form 1096 can be obtained through the IRS's website or by obtaining the documents through a local tax office the form is to be used in conjunction with informational forms such as the 1098 1099 3921 and W dash 2 G forms in the top left box supply your company's name and complete address you must supply a person to contact in regards to your form 1096 filings provide all contact information for the representative you listed above give a phone number where they can be reached as well as their email address and fax number provide either the employer identification number in box 1 or the social security number of the employer in boxes one or two go through all filings that are being covered by your form 1096 count how many total forms have been sent to the IRS and list that number in box three state the local federal income tax withheld in box for in box five provide the total amount that is reported on the form 1096 from the list provided in box six select the type of form that you are sending in to the IRS and that the form 1096 is covering you may only select one type of form if you file additional forms you must fill out an additional form 1096 for each type if this is your final form 1096 select box 7 once completed submit the form 1096 to the IRS keep a copy for your own records this form must be submitted on a yearly basis to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws calm